This Man's Mind

In our free time, during those moments when our minds can afford to wander off into that land we hardly ever venture into, our imagination goes on a rampage. Some thoughts are logical, nigh wistful…

Ah, yes! The campus days! I’d be nothing without them!

I miss Steph. I was silly to have let her go.

Others, not so sensible – inane, actually…

If I stuck my hand in this socket, would I become The Flash?

Of course I can take on five armed guys! I watched every episode of Walker Texas Ranger as a child! I know all the moves by heart!

When I say “five-armed guys”, what I mean is that the five chaps have guns, not that the chaps have five arms. Not that you didn’t know that, but the fact that I felt the need to mention this illustrates my point.

Some thoughts, however, are in…

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