It’s really hard seeing a mother going through pain and be able to do nothing about it…It similarly hurts in the same magnitude to see those with the ability to help their parents through life and they do nothing about it.I understand sometimes life is ‘unfair’ but you not taking care of your parent and you can, makes a better definition of ‘UNFAIR’…she carried you for nine months for nine months…protected you from every harm…took the hurt just to ensure you were okay….she took you to school however hard things were on her..she clothed you…MEN!! now look at you…all shining, a good education, a good life and you don’t care about her…SHAME ON YOU!!! after all she went through, for you…GET SERIOUS AND DO YOUR FAIR PART!!!

Let me tell you something..whether she is blind, has no education, poor, old, black, white, healthy, sick , high-tempered and whatever yours is..she is still your mother. Be there for her. That is something you can’t change….It’s a life time contract….SHE WILL AND WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR MOTHER. Show her that you are the child she sacrificed for..make her feel she is appreciated…show you love her…show you care…thank God for her, always remember her when you pray…sing praises to her. Always be patient to give her a hearing however right or wrong she may be. Correct her politely if she is wrong….Don’t make her feel worse.She is your mother. Be the child she asked God for…Be a blessing to her not a fast push to her grave. be honest with her…and surely your blessing will come from heaven…

I open this to every one..please share your story with us and the world in relation to the same…any questions too. All will be appreciated…God bless you.

Patrick Steven Maunda


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