As a boy me, my mum and dad shared a game,

We played it every school morning till I was six,

My mum would come to wake me up,

And I would pretend to be so asleep,

Then she would go and call my dad,

Who would come to me saying these words,


I’d pretend to sleep till he got right close to my bed,

Then I would get up, and jump right into his arms,

Roaring like a simba, and then say to him, “good morning papa!!”

He would kiss me on the fore head and tell me how much he loved me.

We all shared a game


This was no any ordinary roar

More than a simba’s roar

It was a roar of faith.

Until that day when the ROAR never came

Then my uncle wakes up one morning

And takes me on a never ending ride past sugar cane plantations,


Until we reach a place with a great number of people, with long faces.

A confused of a boy I entered the compound’s gates with my cousins.


We reached a hut with too many elderly people

Seated in a fashion like lions in mourning


Then I saw my mum seated sad and ran to her

Before I got to her I saw my dad’s pic

And diverted my ran to a different direction towards it,

Only to be confronted by this big box,

I climbed onto a stool to see what was in,

And it happened to be him.


I said hoping that he would wake up and hold me into his arms


I said hoping that he would wake up and kiss me in the fore head


I said hoping that he would wake up and tell me how much he loved me

Then my mum pulls me away before my papa even says a word

And for years he hasn’t said a word,

And so 16 years later I write these words

For the little boy in me who still awaits his father’s SIMBA ROAR

Papa come home ‘cause I miss you

I miss you waking me up in the morning and telling me you love me,

Papa come home ‘cause there are things I don’t know and thought you could teach me

How to shave,

How to play table tennis,

How to talk to a lady,

How to walk like a man,

Papa come home, ‘cause I want you back and I want to be an engineer just like you.

And 16 years later this little boy cries in me and so I write these words

And try to heal

And try to father myself,

And dream like a father,

 Who says the words my father did not live to forever say


For every lesson I fail to teach here

Remember these words

Shave in one direction with strong deliberate strokes to avoid irritation,

Thus you stay focused in your faith

                                 Dribble the page with the brilliance of your ball point pen,

Thus you work hard and smart in your walk of faith

Walk like Joseph and your Mary will come to you

You be good and you will meet good people in your walk in faith.

No longer will I be there to roar for you

So you must learn to roar for yourself,

ROAR ROARdown the doors of tribalism and poverty that I could not,

ROAR ROARon doors of opportunities for your friends and family,

ROAR ROARon diligence for the sake of your children,

ROAR ROARfor you not for me as long as you are free these cave can’t contain my spirit

The best of me still lives in you

ROAR ROARwith the knowledge that you are my son and you are my daughter

But you are not my choices

Yes we are our father’s sons and daughters

But we are not their choices

But despite their absence we are still here


With the God given power to change this world to the better,

One little boy and one little girl at a time

We will always roar

And so I Say


Who’s there?

We are!!!


By jnr Patrick Steven Maunda

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It’s really hard seeing a mother going through pain and be able to do nothing about it…It similarly hurts in the same magnitude to see those with the ability to help their parents through life and they do nothing about it.I understand sometimes life is ‘unfair’ but you not taking care of your parent and you can, makes a better definition of ‘UNFAIR’…she carried you for nine months for nine months…protected you from every harm…took the hurt just to ensure you were okay….she took you to school however hard things were on her..she clothed you…MEN!! now look at you…all shining, a good education, a good life and you don’t care about her…SHAME ON YOU!!! after all she went through, for you…GET SERIOUS AND DO YOUR FAIR PART!!!

Let me tell you something..whether she is blind, has no education, poor, old, black, white, healthy, sick , high-tempered and whatever yours is..she is still your mother. Be there for her. That is something you can’t change….It’s a life time contract….SHE WILL AND WILL ALWAYS BE YOUR MOTHER. Show her that you are the child she sacrificed for..make her feel she is appreciated…show you love her…show you care…thank God for her, always remember her when you pray…sing praises to her. Always be patient to give her a hearing however right or wrong she may be. Correct her politely if she is wrong….Don’t make her feel worse.She is your mother. Be the child she asked God for…Be a blessing to her not a fast push to her grave. be honest with her…and surely your blessing will come from heaven…

I open this to every one..please share your story with us and the world in relation to the same…any questions too. All will be appreciated…God bless you.

Patrick Steven Maunda




4 Types Of Couples

4 Types Of Couples

The Angry


I seriously have no idea why these people are the ones who tend to be in relationships the longest.

This is the couple that, when you picture them, they are always fighting.  It brings me back to the sadden days where I would have to go outside because “Mom” and “Dad” are fighting.

I remember this one couple, who I used to be friends with, (Let’s call them) Nicole and Justin.  I couldn’t imagine any two people worse for each other.  Every time they got together all they would do was fight.  ”I’m done with you!” “You’re worthless!” “I hate you”

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This Man's Mind

In our free time, during those moments when our minds can afford to wander off into that land we hardly ever venture into, our imagination goes on a rampage. Some thoughts are logical, nigh wistful…

Ah, yes! The campus days! I’d be nothing without them!

I miss Steph. I was silly to have let her go.

Others, not so sensible – inane, actually…

If I stuck my hand in this socket, would I become The Flash?

Of course I can take on five armed guys! I watched every episode of Walker Texas Ranger as a child! I know all the moves by heart!

When I say “five-armed guys”, what I mean is that the five chaps have guns, not that the chaps have five arms. Not that you didn’t know that, but the fact that I felt the need to mention this illustrates my point.

Some thoughts, however, are in…

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The Freedom Writters.

When I lost my dad, people said I would never make it…the funny thing is that all this began at the graveside even before the burial was complete. I was too young to understand all this but this later came to make meaning in my life as I grew up. My dad’s time was up and he had done his fair share of raising me up; He’d taken me to a good school, I had a stable foundation in English spoken and most of all left me a loving mother. Situations made me understand that life had it bitter part, but that didn’t stop me from believing that it was indeed possible to grow out of it and establish a better life that will in turn be appreciated later on in the years to come. Yes I was born of the rich but was raised in the slums of Mathare, but I didn’t let that really get into me to really affect my life even though it too had its fare share of influence in my life, but some people helped me choose better, and I will live to forever appreciate this individuals: God, my mum and my preschool teacher Mr. Masaku.

The slums of Mathare was into different sections…Area one, Area two, Area three, Area four, Mathare four A. In this areas were a group of young boys and girls. Belonging to one of these groups could either make you become safe or unsafe. There was no room for betrayal. Safe in the sense that when you are in your area you’d feel secure and you would enjoy all the benefits of being a member; like playing ball, the girls company and many more, and unsafe in the sense that once identified as a member of a given group you could not find your way into a different area even when sent by parents. Our parents weren’t aware of what used to happened at the ground level, we were the once who felt the heat, when bruised during a fight we would find a way of hiding the truth from them. We could say we got hurt playing ball or just come up with something depending on the type of hurt. Every season and situation had its own excuse and we knew how to structure our words to fit in. It all Started like this, characters being natured and this would lead to a greater form of diversification in the conflict groups. I remember at some point I had issues with my members, Men!!! The world became too small for me, there’s nothing I could have done without anyone following or bugging me. They were all over. We used to live in a three storey building and it had one gate, which was the entry and exit point. I couldn’t use it otherwise I faced the risk of having being caught and being beaten. A onetime thorough beating never meant It all ended there, nope, every time they’d catch you they would do the ‘good work’ on you, for this reason I had to find my own way of getting in and out of the building unnoticed…Mum used to get back from work so tired and had to run some of her errands, so electric poles and balcony rails served as my gate. I knew that was against the regulations and if the watchman found me I would have a beating but I would rather go for his as compared to the gang. More will be talked about in my book yet to be released ‘My testimony’ please like my Facebook page and sign up for our monthly news later to be updated, and as bid you I leave you with below videos.

Freedom writters movie


English: A view of the Mathare Valley slum (ph...

English: A view of the Mathare Valley slum (photo by Claudio Allia). Italiano: Una veduta della baraccopoli della valle di Mathare (foto di Claudio Allia). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Erin Gruwell

English: Erin Gruwell (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Actress Hilary Swank at the 83rd Acad...

English: Actress Hilary Swank at the 83rd Academy Awards. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


faithWhen things get tough on you,

Remember to pray.

When no one is there for you,

Please have faith,

the lord is for you.

When things get tough and you feel like giving up,

Let me ask, was the world easy on Jesus?

Besides he was the son of God, but he never did give up,

Though painful it was, He proved his stand.

Things will never be as you want them,But remember to always push on.

You might have no physical parent,

But remember the lord is your parent.

When they call you “Orphan”,

say thank you, and tell them how blind they are not to see what a great parent you have.

When the laugh at you and don’t want you to be a part of their company,

Tell them i have the best company of all.

When they say your marriage is going to be temporary,

Tell them with Jesus in My marriage, that’s just a rumor.

When the teacher says your are good for nothing,

say the lord knows am worth something,

and i have a better destiny.

When no one understands you,

Be proud because you are different.

By Patrick Steven Maunda.

Here is a little something for you, hope it will be a blessing to you? and if it is please don’t hesitate to come back and share your testimony with us.God bless you all.

A Lesson In Psychology

¤ When A Person Laughs too Much Even for Stupid Things, Be Sure That Person Is Sad Deep Inside.

¤  When A Person Sleeps A lot, Be Sure that Person Is Lonely.

¤  When A Person Talks Less, And If He Talks, He Talks Fast Then It Means That Person Keeps Secrets.

¤  When Someone Can’t Cry Then That Person Is Weak.

¤  When Someone Eats In an Abnormal Way Then That Person Is In Tension.

¤ When Someone Cry On Little Things Then It Means He Is Innocent & Soft Hearted.

¤ When Someone Gets Angry On Silly Or Small Things It Means He Is In Love.

So True, Try To See All These In Real Life, U Will Find All…

Try to understand people…



Everyday productivity and efficiency practically depend on how you feel. More often than not, happy people are more effective at work and have better relationships. Of course, it is normal to be sad every once in a while, but there are days that anxiety gets the better of you. It is during these times where stress and anxiety attacks affect your normal course of life.

You find it difficult to get things done or even at least get through the day. If you ever have a bad day, here are some ways of lifting your spirits and getting you back on track.

1. Try to socialize. Go out with a friend for a walk, a cup of coffee or a lunch date. You need not discuss your problems at all. Sometimes all you need is a good laugh to get you going again.

2. Get some relaxation time. This is one of the most obvious solutions for anxiety. Too much tension in your body affects your mood. Try to be calm. Learn proper breathing, observe good posture, and practice muscle relaxation techniques. These are most helpful in reducing stress.

3. Exercise on your free time. Some people find it more relaxing when they exert physically. Go out for some brisk walking or ride a bike. There is no need for a structured gym routine; what is important is that you keep on moving.

4. Play and have fun. You can use the things that you love to do to your advantage. Go out to play fetch with your dog or go for a round of your favorite video game. The perfect way to shake off the blues is to find amusement.

5. Read a good book. Reading is always a perfect way of getting your mind off things. Just find a cozy spot where you can enjoy silently. Feel refreshed or even inspired after a good read.

6. Do chores. Who says you cannot beat counter-productivity with productivity? Clean up your room, do the laundry, or even cook a meal. Not only would you find doing chores a sweet escape, getting them done is an accomplishment.

7. Do charity work. You can devote some of your time and money to the needy by donating or volunteering in a charitable institution. What you give can make a big difference to other people’s lives. At the same time, you get a sense of fulfillment by doing your part in helping society. Such reasons alone are something to be happy about, but more so, charity donations are most of the time tax-deductible.

8. Take a shower. Literally, cool down. You would feel actually refreshed and rejuvenated after getting cleaned-up, not only physically but also psychologically. More or less, you would feel like you are taking on the day with a fresh start. Now, that is one way of tricking yourself into the mood.

9. Cultivate intimate relationships. Have a good chat with a loved one. Just talk about how your day went to lighten up your mood. A good hug or a pat on the back from people you care about are one of the best comforts that would get you through rough days.

10. Give time to contemplate. Sometimes, you just have to think over what is eating you up. Ask yourself what is bothering you and acknowledge such thoughts or beliefs that are associated with such negative feelings. Once you have done that, you might be able to change or get rid of such unhealthy fears and thoughts. Part of coping with anxiety is understanding anxiety itself.

Being an efficient and happy person can be as simple as knowing how to take care of your emotional well being. Whenever you feel down, turn on to habits or activities that ease anxiety or take your mind off things for a while. There are a lot of ways of improving your mood and de-stressing. It is just a matter of finding out what works for you.